 B.Sc in engineering in relevant streams like instrumentation, electrical or electronics Minimum 8 years of experience in oil and gas, chemical or related industry A minimum of 4 years of experience in QMI systems and safeguarding systems


1 Year and can be extended


June 2, 2022


Single- site based

Leave Cycle

26 days after completion of 12 months

Job Type


1. Responsible for making technical leadership contribution to the management of QMI Engineering and Projects.

2. Accountable for the development and implementation of the highest levels of Technical Excellence within QMI Engineering across the engineering, production, maintenance and technology to safeguard reliability and availability of the OLNG complex.

3. Ensuring the integrity of all QMI systems in the plant by providing professional expertise continually working towards improving plant availability and reliability and assist the maintenance section, on QMI System maintenance.

4. Develops and manages the delivery of technical excellence within QMI Engineering, and liaises with the area managers within maintenance and turnarounds to develop and strengthen assurance processes to ensure uninterrupted plant operation.

5. Implements best practices related to QMI Engineering, provides novel and expert guidance to resolve technical challenges with maintenance and projects delivery.

6. Responsible to take accountability for technical quality of all assigned activities within QMI Engineering, and to develop and maintain assurance functions within procedures, organizational structure, other business units, staff and the corporate functions to ensure risk profile in relevant business scope is identified, monitored and controlled.

7. Responsible for maintaining QMI Engineering assurance functions and providing in-depth specialist technical know-how to support other departments in production, maintenance, projects and technology to sustain continuous and uninterrupted plant.

8. Maintains effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including area maintenance managers, turnaround managers, project managers and senior management. The nature of the role involves actively leading and participating in multiple coordinate with the various engineering department to execute the appropriate maintenance techniques of preventive maintenance (PM) for all Quality Measuring Instruments equipment in the plant.

9. Actively support and provide technical know-how in technical studies and failure investigations, Process and Instrument diagram reviews, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments and HAZOP’s etc.

10. Support QMI in strategizing major engineering inception, evaluation and selection, ensuring compliance with regards to delivery, budgets, safety and quality and timelines.

11. Transfer knowledge and skills to Omani workmates in line with development programs.